Veetop HiFi AirMusic Box

Veetop HiFi AirMusic Box

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Support Multi-room streaming with non-free Whaale App(Need 2 or more Airmusic Boxes) !

Veetop HiFi AirMusic Box-Your Wireless Music Mate & Sharing & Enjoying Your Local/Online Music Wirelessly and Freely!

Main Features
– Apple AirPlay & DLNA compatible.
– Wireless streams stereo music from your mobile devices(iOS, Android)&Latop/PC(Windows) to existing HiFi docks and home theater systems.
– Strong,reliable long range WiFi signal to reach every room of house; compatible with WiFi router.
– Support 3.5mm Aux and SPDIF optical output.

For iOS, stream the voice even if watching movie.

Enjoying Wireless Music Anywhere – Home, office, even in Your Car!

Connected to your Mobile Devices/Latop/PC via WiFi and play local music directly. Or to internet WiFi hotspot and play local/online music freely, no matter at home or in office, even if in your car!

Support multi-user

Share your music with families and friends, and switch the user/device freely.

Simple and Easy To Use
– iOS devices can simply use the exisiting AirPlay feature on the devices, No Apps downloads required! also able to stream audio from internet based Apps (Spotify etc).
– Android devices need Free Apps – AirShare (Recommended), BubbleUPnP etc
– Easy to set internet WiFi hotspot, it will connect automatically once set.

Extends your existing WiFi

Easily connected to existing WiFi network and extend the WiFi signaL, and is also accessible by any device connected to your whole home WiFi network, can stream music to it. Once connected, you are also able to browse the internet at the same time as streaming audio to the receiver.