Dosh wallet

Dosh wallet

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Dosh is an Australian brand that makes unique Dosh wallet for modern, urban living. Founded in 2007 and Inspired by global creative culture, innovative design and general fresh thinking, dosh has quickly become a global success story.

Dosh wallet made from cutting edge polymers which are durable and environmentally friendly, dosh wallets come in a number of styles and colorways.

All dosh wallets are designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

Luxe6 Wallet from DoshThe 6 card Dosh wallet is ideal for the person on the move. Dosh wallet’s patented designs are moulded in Desmopan; a highly durable, water-resistance polymer material with a luxurious soft feel. Handcrafted from high grade stainless steel, the money clip is positioned on the spine ensuring no disorganisation or a fumbling first date fiasco.* 6 card slots* Gold plated stainless steel money clip* Not suitable for UK currency unless folded (still ideal as a card holder)* Compact streamline shape* Water resistant Desmopan material* Super durable and hard wearing* Comes in pod style packaging* 100% recyclable material* Made in Australia* Dimensions: 110x68x13mm