Cute Keyboard Ctrl + Alt + Del Cup Set

Cute Keyboard Ctrl + Alt + Del Cup Set

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Keyboard Cup Set is made of high quality PS plastic, safe, Creative cup is the perfect gift for both coffee lovers as well as those who do not like coffee as they largely make a style statement, defining the personality of the individual,Package Included:3 x Keyboard Cups,1 x Cup Tray .

Looks exactly as pictured, is a conversation starter. Be sure to find a nice place at your home where you can display it.

Had a strong “plastic” smell when arrived. Soaking it for a few hours in cold water with a pinch of Sodium Bicarbonate took care of it. There’s a visible “dimple” on the top of each key, probably resultant from the injection molding process. The keys/cups are glossy, but the tray is matte.